Founded at the beginning of 1991 with a total investment of US $ 2.3 million, Wuxi Dgonghai Forging Co., Ltd is the first Sino-Japanese jonit venture in China’s forging industry. The share of China and Japan is 44% and 56% respectively.

The company is well-appointed and the tooling advanced. It is equipped with 300-ton, 630-ton, 1000-ton, 1600-ton, 2500-ton totally six electric spiral press production lines,a 1600-ton friction screw press line and various necessary accessories for tooling processing, heat treatment and surface treatment. There are also CMM, spectrometer, fluorescent magnetic powder defect-detecting devices, ultrasonic flaw detecter as well as instruments and meters for chemical composition analysis, microstructure analysis, tensile testing, impact testing, etc. to meet customers’ demands.

It can forge parts ranging from 13g to 93kg in weight. At present, it mainly produces mechanical engineering forgings,


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